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A box of 12 luxury macarons with Christmas themed flavours, designed and made in-house by us at Holly Dolly Cakes.

The perfect gift this Christmas which can also be plated for a beautiful addition to your Chistmas table!


Macarons are crisp chewy shells made from almonds and sugar, sandwiched together with a delicious filling.


Postage unavailable on this product.



Each box of 12 includes two of the following:

Spiced Gingerbread

A spiced shell filled with gingerbread buttercream with pieces of real homemade gingerbread inside


Dark Chocolate Truffle

A cocoa dusted shell filled with smooth dark chocolate ganache


Toasted Coconut and Raspberry

Coconut sprinkled shell filled with real coconut buttercream and a raspberry preserve centre


Apple Pie and Custard

Custard buttercream with a homemade lightly spiced tart apple filling (contains gelatine)


Hazelnut Espresso

A hazelnut shell filled with an espresso white chocolate ganache


Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel buttercream with a smooth salted caramel centre

Christmas Macaron Gift Box - 12

  • They are stable at room temperature for several hours but if keeping for longer than a day please store in the fridge and take out 30-60 mins before serving.

    Please do not eat straight from the fridge as they taste best at room temperature.

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